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Certified Blue Restaurant Program

The Certified Blue Restaurant (CBR) program supports and recognizes the outstanding Long Beach restaurants that achieve exceptional water efficiency in our community. Interested restaurants can enroll below to receive a no-cost, on-site efficiency survey, free water efficient devices (if eligible), and an assessment for other possible rebates.

About Our Program

Long Beach Water is committed to making water conservation an everyday way of life for all Long Beach residents and businesses.

Total water use in Long Beach is about 100 gallons per person per day. two thirds of which is residential use. The other third of  that water is used to run local businesses. Restaurants are one of the highest water using industries. accounting for 5-10% of commercial water use. Our Certified Blue Restaurant program aims to conserve water where it is most used by making efficiency improvements easy and affordable while giving local businesses the recognition they deserve for their conservation efforts.

Latest Certified Blue Restaurants

Berlin Bistro

Located in the bohemian heart of the East Village Arts District, Berlin serves up a unique blend of healthy cuisine and bold brews.

Avenue 3 Pizza

Proudly serving the Long Beach community since 1971! Located off of Palo Verde and the 405.

Do you want to get your local restaurant certified?

Click here to nominate a restaurant and let them know water conservation is important to you!

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